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Why you shouldn't use rookie agents

Simply, they do not have the experience needed to do the job well.

If you watch the real estate people in your area you will no doubt have noticed that there are some faces that are always there and there is also a constant stream of new faces – some stay but most don’t. The real estate sales industry has one of the highest turnover of staff rates in New Zealand.

During the recent boom years, it has been easy to sell real estate – every one wanted it and a trained Chimpanzee could have sold real estate.

Times are now tough and a recent headline stated that over 4000 people had left the industry and more than 170 offices had closed nationwide.

If you look at the faces left in the industry, mostly they are the same ones that were there before things got good. Funny that isn’t it?

During those buoyant times you simply had to get a listing to sell it – NO SKILL REQUIRED. And you saw people cutting commissions just to get the listing because, they knew it would sell – It was money for Jam.

In the area that I live in, the two companies who advertised bargain basement commission rates have both closed.

I can only add that you get what you pay for. And you pay the same for competence as you do for incompetence – choose to use someone who is consistently competent – click here to get started.

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